Version 4.3 – October 20th, 2016

  • Step Goal toggle in Settings now works correctly (previously the Background Worker prompt was appearing if you had a nonzero Step Goal, regardless of this toggle).
  • Wake events (like Inactivity Alert) won’t “snore” if Snowy doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Customizable Status Bar!: Options currently include time, date, and battery.
  • Minor text fixes for Italian and German.

Version 4.2 – October 6th, 2016

  • Activate Snowy on second wrist flick by enabling Hands Free Mode Delay (Hands Free Mode must also be enabled).
  • Customizable Quick Launch behavior – go to the Home Screen or Dictation, it’s up to you!
  • Inactivity Monitor is now guaranteed to be working correctly.

Version 4.1 – October 1st, 2016

  • Notes now appear in Timeline Past again.
  • Flick to Dismiss will now exit the app if Quick Exit is also enabled.
  • Tweaked the Inactivity Monitor to (hopefully) stop appearing every hour regardless of actual step count.
  • Minor improvements to command parsing.
  • Hotfix for Pebble 2-specific bug.

Version 4.0 – September 22nd, 2016

  • Widgets! Previously in Settings as “Display Time”, Widgets allow you to customize Snowy’s Home Screen however you’d like. New options include: additional Date formats, Countdown, Distance Walked, Heart Rate, Weather, Stock Price, Alternate Timezone, and Pebble Battery Level.
  • Take a Note, on Notes. With the removal of Timeline Past from the standard UI, Notes behavior has changed somewhat. Notes are now stored within Snowy, and you can access them all by saying “View all of my notes” or a specific Note by referencing it like so: “View my note about Eric”. You can also clear all notes or delete a single note, in the same way.
  • Speaking of Timeline, Timers set for more than 15 minutes in the future will throw a Pin on your Timeline, just like the official Pebble app.
  • All the News That’s Fit to Print: Set a custom Subreddit as your News source in Settings (still defaults to r/news).
  • New Commands! This is the exciting stuff. Snowy now accepts requests for “How long will it take me to drive to work?”, “Is Taco Bell open right now?”, “What gate is my flight at?”, “What’s my heart rate?”, “How far did my friends walk today?”, and more (including access to Chris Lewis’ Dash API on Android!) – all on the update Command List.
  • Danish and Italian are also now available!

Version 3.3 – June 16th, 2016

  • Olá Português: Snowy now has (beta) support for Portuguese! Translation and parsing issues will be updated quickly based on real-world user feedback. For more info, check out
  • IFTTT Plus (minus the confusion):After tinkering with IFTTT and GCal, IFTTT Plus is now easier than ever to integrate. Simply create a Maker Event -> GCal Recipe on IFTTT and send the following message to GCal
    {{Value1}} {{Value2}}

    And that’s it! Snowy now correctly formats date and time into Value 2 for GCal.

  • Fixed 12 AM/PM swap, which broke in the last parsing update.

Version 3.2 – June 9th, 2016

  • Master Key integration: As announced here, Master Key is a new way to get your API keys for services like Weather Underground, Wolfram Alpha, and IFTTT into a Pebble Settings page without having to type super long alphanumeric codes on your phone. Check out the announcement, sign up, and start using it with apps like Snowy!
  • IFTTT Plus: With this new feature toggle, available under the IFTTT Maker Key field in Settings, you can have every Reminder, Calendar Event, Alarm, and Note not only send pins to your Timeline, but also simultaneously fire an IFTTT event! The event names are listed on the Settings page, and for English they are: snowy_reminder, snowy_calendar, snowy_alarm, and snowy_note. I can’t wait to see even more Snowy + IFTTT Recipes utilizing this, and if you send them my way I’ll add them to Snowy’s Cookbook!
    • All events use the following format:
      • Event Name is based on the type of command (Reminder = snowy_reminder, etc.)
      • Value1 is the content of the command (Reminders, Calendar Events, Notes)
      • Value2 is the start time (Reminders, Calendar Events, Alarms)
      • Value3 is the end time (Calendar Events)
    • Example 
      • Voice Command: “Remind me to walk the dogs at 4 pm”
      • IFTTT Event Name: “snowy_reminder”
      • Value1: “Walk the dogs”
      • Value2: “4 pm”
  • Bug fixes in all languages, including the “Remind to walk the.” cut-off bug, “set time” is now interpreted as “set timer”, and more!

Version 3.1 – May 30th, 2016

  • Hallo, and Bonjour! Snowy now has the option to accept commands and reply in Deutsch and Français.
  • Custom Commands: Use your Pebble Voice Assistant…without your voice! Set up to 4 custom commands in Settings, and access them any time via the Sample Command menu.
  • A new, full-detailed, step-by-step IFTTT Tutorial, as promised! Currently available in English, with Spanish, French, and German versions coming soon.
    • Also, be sure to check out Snowy’s Cookbook – a collection of IFTTT Recipes from the Snowy user community!

Version 3.0 – May 10th, 2016

  • ¡Hola amigo! Snowy now has the option to accept commands and reply en Español. For more details, visit the Spanish Home Page at
  • Other New Features
    • News Headlines: Just ask Snowy “What’s new today?” and you’ll see the current top headline from r/news.
    • Wolfram Confirmation (English only): Wolfram responses now include the original query, so you can be sure that you got the answer you were looking for.
    • Ditto for IFTTT: Event Names are now returned as well, which should help you debug issues with IFTTT. Full tutorial coming Soon™!!!
  • More languages are on the way! If you are interested in helping translate Snowy to your native tongue, and that native tongue happens to be Dansk, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Norsk, Portguês, Suomi, or Svenska, message me on the Pebble Dev Slack @mathew, and I’ll invite you to the private channel for translation volunteers.

Version 2.4 – April 21st, 2016

  • Big New Features!
    • Future Dates and Times: Ask and ye shall receive! You can now set Reminders and Calendar Events further on the future using the following syntax:Example 1 “Remind me to call Mum on April 24th at 4 pm for 30 minutes”.
      • to indicates action (“to call Mum”)
      • on indicates day/date (“on April 24th”)
      • for indicates duration (“for 30 minutes”)

      Example 2 “Remind me in three days to buy flowers”.

      • in indicates relative start time (“in three days”)
      • to indicates action (“to buy flowers”)

      Example 3 “Schedule a meeting with Chris on Thursday from 3 to 4 pm”.

      • on indicates day/date (“on Thursday”)
      • from indicates start time (“from 3”)
      • to indicates end time (“to 4 pm”)
    • Natural Weather Queries
      • “Is it going to rain today?”
      • “Is it going to storm tomorrow?”
      • “When is it going to start snowing?”
  • My Habits integration. You can ask Snowy “list all of my habits”, or “what’s my current streak for X?” (where X is the habit name), or “when is my next habit?”
  • Small But Also Really Cool New Features!!!
    • “Wake me up at X” (where X is a time) now works for setting an Alarm
    • Serie A has been added to the Sports commands
    • Better and more reliable IFTTT integration and an updated IFTTT page
    • “Cancel that” command to delete the most recently inserted Reminder or Calendar Event Timeline Pin

Version 2.3 – April 1st, 2016

  • Spring is in the air! And that means animals awakening from their slumber, blossoming flowers, and…145˚C weather in upstate New York?!?
    • Snowy 2.3 now uses Weather Underground, a much more reliable and comprehensive weather provider than before. Like the Wolfram Alpha integration, Snowy has its own API key.
    • HOWEVER, you have the option of using your own key. This helps Snowy’s default key stay under the rate limits set by WU. In return for using your own key, you’ll get more detailed Weather and Forecast responses!!!

Version 2.2 – March 10th, 2016

  • They say the best things come in threes, so for 2.2 Snowy has:
    • One Bugfix: Sports should now work on Android devices. See, I told you “what was the score of the yankees game” wasn’t failing because I’m from Boston!!!
    • One Improvement: Sleep data now matches the results shown in the official Pebble Health app. Thanks to Dan Tilden for suggesting the correct solution.
    • One Feature: If you have your own Wolfram Alpha API Key and want to track your usage or just help relieve some of the pressure from the default key, you can now set it in the Settings page.

Version 2.1 – March 9th, 2016

    • Sports now work across all teams + leagues
    • Math works again
    • Random number accepts a range again
    • Not that many of you would have seen it, but the horribly embarrassing typo in the 2.0 update notification has been fixed, get excitated!!!
    • Long walking directions no longer get cut o…
    • Fixed a difficult-to-track-down bug where enabling Flick to Dismiss would try to start the background worker for literally no reason, causing users with other apps in the background to get that annoying prompt every time they closed Snowy
    • Juuuuust in case you don’t super-enunciate the word “quarts”, Snowy will accept “courts” as a valid unit
    • Speaking of unit, Snowy will now accept individual units (i.e. “foot”, “inch”, “ounce”, etc.)
    • Temperature works now in unit conversion
    • Ability to set a “Home” address in Settings. You can ask Snowy, “How do I get home?” for walking directions or “What’s the weather back home?” for weather
    • Remember that “useless” What Time Is It command? NOT ANYMORE! You can now append “in CITY” to get the current local time in any city
    • Sleep data has been added to Snowy’s Health integration. Just ask “How did I sleep last night?” Note: The result may not match the official Health app, since I use a simpler method of estimating ranges of time
    • IFTTT custom commands can now have multiple values! Just include “with values X and Y and Z” at the end of your command – use this for passing 2 or 3 values (for one value, continue to use “saying” to indicate a text value or “to” to indicate a numeric value)
    • Wolfram Alpha Integration! Just say “Tell me WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KNOW” and Snowy will pass everything after “tell me” to Wolfram.

Version 2.0 – March 2nd, 2016

    • Movie Reviews
      • e.g. “Deadpool Movie Review”
    • Tip Calculator
      • e.g. “What’s 18% of $32.95?”
    • Walking Directions
      • e.g. “How do I get to 123 Main Street?”
    • Unit Conversion (Distance, Weight, and Volume)
      • e.g. “Convert 3 Cups to Tablespoons”
    • Global Sports Scores and Schedules
      • e.g. “What is the score of the Barcelona game?”
      • e.g. “When is the next Boston Red Sox game?”
    • Stock Prices
      • e.g. “Check stock price for Microsoft”
    • Pebble Health Data
      • e.g. “How far have I walked today?”
      • e.g. “How many steps have I taken?”
  • Gooooaaaallll!!!! – Set a Step Goal and Snowy will let you know when you’ve reached it!
  • Fast. Food. – Once you get a Restaurant recommendation from Snowy, just ask “How do I get there?” to get walking directions to the restaurant.
  • More than just a pretty face – Snowy’s Display Time mode now allows for Date or current Step Count
  • Metric or Imperial??? Now you decide with a new Settings option
  • Day or Night, Snowy will be there – Better intelligence behind time-based requests that don’t specify AM or PM (Snowy will attempt to guess)
  • “Pick a Random Number” now assumes 1-100 if you don’t specify a range
  • Flick, Dismiss – New Flick to Dismiss Setting allows you to dismiss any responses (except for Alarm and Walking Directions) simply by flicking your wrist
  • Timeline improvements to match current recommended implementation by Pebble
  • Improved IFTTT support – minor tweaks and improvements
    • You can now turn the lights on/off for specific rooms and have custom IFTTT Events triggered by stating the room name as part of the command
    • When you save your Settings, Snowy will automatically check your Maker Channel Key to make sure everything looks set up correctly

Version 1.1 – February 1st, 2016

  • Nobody likes bugs in their food! More robust “Where should I eat?” code, less likely to encounter an error
  • Rest assured, knowing you can rest assured. Much more noticeable Alarm functionality, along with 5 minute auto-snooze, for up to an hour
  • No more Batman. Fixed NaN bug in “Pick a Random Number”
  • It’s 12 o’clock somewhere. Fixed parsing of “noon” and “midnight” in time-based commands (Reminder, Calendar, and Alarm)
  • “Display Time” mode, which enables you to see the current time on the Home Screen rather than the typical welcome message
  • Improved reliability for saving settings
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements (including Timeline code)

Version 1.0 – December 22nd, 2015

    • Original release