You can do a lot with Snowy, and he’s learning new commands all the time! Below is a list of commands he will currently recognize, and some recommended formats for how to say them.

Last Updated: 9/22/16

Time & Date

• What time is it?
• What time is it in London?

• What is the date?

• Set alarm for 3:30 PM.
• Wake me up at 8 AM.
• Cancel my alarm.

• Set timer for 2 hours.
• Set timer for 20 minutes (Timers set for more than 15 minutes will add a Pin to your Timeline).
• Check timer.

Timeline Integration

• Remind me to Call Mum at 2 o’clock.
• Remind me at 6 PM to feed the dogs.
• Remind me in 15 minutes to check the oven.
• Remind me on Thursday at Noon to get lunch with Steve.
• Remind me on October 24th to buy Kate a present.

• Schedule Meeting with Tim from 1 to 2 PM on Thursday, April 24th.
• Add Dinner with my wife at 7:15 PM for 2 hours to my calendar tomorrow.

Notes [no longer add pins to Timeline – see Changelog for details]
• Take a note: Pebble is awesome.
• View my note on Pebble.
• View all of my notes.
• Delete my note about Pebble.
• Delete all of my notes.


Add Items
• Add milk to my list.
• Add peanut butter and jelly and bread to my list.

See What’s On Your List
• What’s on my list?

Remove Items From Your List
• Remove milk from my list.

Remove All Items From Your List
• Clear my list.

Info from the Web

• What is the weather?
• What is the weather in Boston?

• What is the forecast in Houston?
• What will the weather be tomorrow?

Movie Review
• Deadpool
Movie Review

Stock Prices
Check stock price for Microsoft

Sports Scores & Game Times (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, La Liga, Premier, Bundesliga)
• What is the score of the Barcelona game?
• What was the score of the last LA Kings game?
• When is the next Boston Red Sox game?

Walking Directions
• How do I get to 123 Main Street, New York City?
• How do I get there? (if asked after asking to find a nearby restaurant)

Driving Time
How long will it take me to drive to work? (requires Work Address)

Finding Restaurants
• Where should I eat lunch?
• Find restaurants near me.
• I’m hungry.

Is X Open Right Now?
• Is Taco Bell open now

Interesting Facts
• Tell me something interesting.

Travel API
• Is my flight on time?
• Which gate is my flight at?
• What baggage claim do I need?

My Habits API
• How is my current streak for brushing my teeth?


• What is 2 + 2?

Unit Conversion
• Convert 3 Cups to Tablespoons?
• Convert 5 Kilometers to Miles?
• Convert 80 Pounds to Kilograms?

Tip Calculator
• What is 20% of $18.76?

Random Numbers
• Flip a coin.
• Pick a random number between 1 and 10.


• What is Hello, world in French?
• Translate goodnight into German.

• Spell specificity.
• Define artificial intelligence.


Steps & Distance
• How far have I walked today?
• How many steps have I done?

Heart Rate
• What is my heart rate?

StepVerse API
• How far have my friends walked today?
• What are my StepVerse standings?

Dash API (Android only)

Check Phone Battery Level
• What is my phone’s battery level?

Turn Wi-Fi On or Off
Turn my Wi-Fi on.

Set Ringer Volume
• Set my ringer to loud.
• Set my ringer to vibrate.
• Set my ringer to silent.

Turn Hotspot On or Off
• Turn my Hotspot off.

Check Number of Unread SMS Messages
• How many sms messages do I have?

Get Next Google Calendar Event
• What is my next calendar event?

IFTTT Maker Channel

Set Thermostat
• Please set thermostat to 72 degrees.

Turn Lights On/Off
• Hey Snowy, please turn my lights on.
• Snowy, do me a favor and turn off the lights.

Call Phone
• Snowy, please call my phone.

• See further details on Snowy and IFTTT integration here.

Ask Wolfram Alpha

Any Query
• Tell me question*.
*Everything after “tell me” is passed to Wolfram.

If you have any ideas for new commands, please send me an email.