Snowy supercharges your Pebble, letting you set reminders, do research, control your home with IFTTT, and so much more.

Forbes (8/12/16): What’s on your Pebble? Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky Spills His Top 9

After testing Snowy for a couple of weeks, we feel pretty confident in recommending it…to say that Snowy packs a ton of features is definitely an understatement. (4/14/16): Snowy, your personal assistant for Pebble Time

…the fluffy white dog has already won a place in my heart, providing a robust set of additional features such as translation, voice notes, and voice dictation of almost any command that can be linked to a function on the watch. If a command isn’t currently recognized by the app, you can even add it in yourself.

– Christian Science Monitor (3/30/16): Thinking about buying an Apple Watch? There’s a cheaper alternative out there

Snowy, the Pebble Time smartwatch line’s voice-powered personal assistant app, is now available bringing an alternative to Siri and Google Now.

– Youth Health Mag (1/4/16): Pebble Time Voice App Announced!

Harnessing the same Nuance-powered dictation technology used by Apple’s personal assistant, the app can handle a number of voice commands including the ability to find out the date, set alarms and check in on the football scores.

– Wareable (12/27/15): Snowy brings Siri-like assistance to Pebble Time smartwatches

Snowy is a first of its kind for Pebble and it looks like it might work well for those who want a personal assistant.

– TechAeris (12/25/15): Snowy is a personal assistant for Pebble Time

Pebble’s Time line of smartwatches now has a capable personal assistant application, though it’s not the work of the company itself. The app, called Snowy, is a third-party application that was built to replicate Siri and Google Now’s functionality.

– CNET (12/22/15): Snowy is a Siri-like personal assistant for Pebble Time